Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And the winner is...

Kelly of AngelPupsCreations!!!

Congratulations, Kelly! You won some homemade dog treats from CiaoHound.

I know this video is very dark, but I got this idea from MsAnomaly (Linda) for choosing the winner. I put a treat in the middle of all of the names and the first name off is deemed the winner.

Thank you so much for everyone who entered! I really enjoyed reading all of the comments. We'll do this again really soon. Thank you also to SassySashaDoxie for this great idea for our blog!

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MsAnomaly said...

Congtatulations to AngelPupsCreations! This contest was fun! flash and I are both looking forward to the next "What is Velvet Thinking?" contest! Arrrooooo! :0)