Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Best Dressed Pets

DianaDesignsNY carries a unique line of fashion for your pooch OR kitty: sweaters, skirt-ters, costumes, dresses and more; designed with the comfort of the pet in mind, and made with lots of love and attention to detail.

All of her sweaters are made from ULTRA SOFT, hypoallergenic yarn, with no constricting sleeves or leg straps, and a short front for potty area.

This one is a truly unique brightly colored sweater.
Super soft in bright turquoise and 2 shades of bright purple. There's also a mutli colored "boa feather" yarn across the middle of the back shoulder area, and the bottom area of the sweater.

This is a sleeveless, crew neck sweater that is light to medium weight, and is super comfy. Short front for potty area. Dog's shoulder harness can be accessed through the sweater.

All of her dresses and vests are fully lined.

"I WUFF YOU" harness vest with cute puppy dog print.

This vest has been made to look like a shirt/vest combo with a pointed collar sticking out the top of the vest, and an open shirt out the bottom.

She also does the most amazing custom work!

Custom WEDDING outfit for your dog - prices vary by size and number of pieces. She just finished outfitting an entire wedding party with a dress for the bride and 2 different colors and styles for the maid of honor and the bridesmaid as well as tuxes for the groom and groomsmen.

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Diana is one of the original members of the Petsjubilee Team on Etsy and is one of the most loving, caring, generous people you would ever want to meet!

She has a full time job with a minimum 4-hour commute each day and spends all of her free time working on orders. She just loves it. Any idea you can come up with, Diana can make a reality. She is truly an inspiration to me!

A portion of all of her sales goes to charity. This month, she's donating to the ASPCA.

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where she lists premade and ready to ship clothing, plus dog and cat toys, hats and more.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For Dachshund Lovers

Sassysashadoxie for everything Dachshund

Dachshunds are a very special breed. They're extremely loving, devoted and smart, and have the ability to turn their humans into doxie crazed fans. So for those of you touched by a dachshund and/or appreciate a talented artist, Sassysashadoxie is the shop for you!

Athena with the help of her little dachshund, Sasha run this wonderful shop on Etsy. They began in August, 2008 making items featuring Sasha. Their magnets, bookmarks, cards, tags and stickers are still extremely popular (or pupular, as Sasha would say).

This Proud To Be An American Dog Dachshund combo set includes 2 blank greeting cards and a sheet of 20 round stickers as shown in above photos.

Through the years, Athena has developed her art to include drawings. The attention to detail is amazing. You can look at one of her drawings and see something new each time. I just love them. They're gorgeous, unique and bright and always cheer me up when I'm feeling down.

This "Bobo Takes A Dive" drawing features one black and tan wiener dog who is dropping his favorite toy "Bobo" in the fish bowl. In this drawing, there is so much going on with all the little details. A raccoon is sneaking into a shed out the window. A cat is looking out the window. A fish is quite disturbed by this intrusion in his bowl and so much more.

Just recently she has begun to develop collages incorporating a new love of papercutting. This is one of my favorites:

"A Dachshund In The Backyard collage card. The card is about 5.5 inches by 4 inches in size. It features a black and tan doxie looking out the window of his house and a red wiener dog in the backyard. There are butterflies on side borders.

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Athena runs Dachshund Team on Etsy and is one of the original members, and a creative source on the Petsjubilee Team on etsy.

Their shop is all about spreading dachshund happiness to others. They aim to please, and all orders come with a very generous surprise package. They also make custom printed items with your pet's pictures just convo Sassysashadoxie to arrange the details. I personally have ordered custom tags to use as 'thank you's' in my orders, and round stickers to put on the outside of packages to develop branding.

Athena was my very first customer in 2008, and we still maintain a friendship to this day. Her artwork enhances my house and her bookmarks are peeking out of several books. I love her shop and you will, too.

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