Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet Sal

This is a convo from Carol,
(She ordered several Allergen free items.)

""Sal"..."is a male half golden retriever half labrador retriever. Originally bred for Canine Companions For Independence to be a service dog, he was released at 1 year of age due to hip dysplasia. He tested with Delta Society with me and became part of a pet partner pet therapy team, and was certified to work in a therapy environment. He has done the following programs: Lions Club Reading Program, working with reluctant readers to help improve their skills; Thomas Kelly Elementary School working with the special needs, a.d.d and a.d.h.d children, White Rock Elementary School working with the at risk children. He has worked in several skilled nursing facilities with the elderly bringing them joy (and receiving lots of love and the occasional snack). Sal is 6 years old and lives happily with me in Northern California. He is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever know. He can open most locked things (unfortunately) and will do any command for a Ciaohound treat!"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ciaohound dog and cat treats are baked fresh per order, made with human-grade ingredients and are taste-tested by me, personally. Visit

I gave Sasha some more of the treats today, and put the empty wrapper in the outside garbage can. She not only climbed two chairs, a table, but fell head first into a large garbage can. I heard a rustly, and went outside. When I pulled her out, she was still grasping the bag with Velvet's picture on it. Just thought you might want to know. Slightly, addictive to my dog I think. heehee.
She is fine, tried to get back in there again after I got her out.

from who owns a Doggie Daycare:
- holy moly do these smell GOOD! sez me AND the dogs! i have them out already, can't wait to share them with everyone! YOU RULE!
- i want one!!! maybe you should make some people cookies,too....i don't want to have to fight my hounds for these!
- awesome. just freaking awesome. everything smells GREAT!
-whoa, passed some out at school to test them? i was like the pied piper!!! even the picky dogs were drooling on my toes, and giving me big sad 'my-owners-never-feed-me' eyes!
-i got more good feedback about the cookies yesterday, one of my clients has this little game she does with her boston, and normally roxie is kinda like 'yeah, cool, treats.' but i guess the last time she did it, she used your cookies, so the next time, roxie was jumping allllll over her, like 'treats! cookies!!! i LOVE those!!!! gimmegimmegimme!!'.cool, huh? =] can't wait to see the halloween ones!

from :
Awesome!!!! Myself and my dog, Ginger, are very happy! Thank you so much for your high quality and fast shipping!! Will be back VERY soon :)

from :
you're the greatest---doggies love em!

from :
they are great.both my dogs Loved them.i will def. order more,christie

from :
The puppies are soooo happy!!! They love the treats! Thank you so much for thank you for the super fast shipping! We'll be back!

from regarding our new line of Guinea Pig treats:
THESE ARE THE BEST. My piggie went crazy! She was purring the whole time she had a treat. These would be great for training! My family and I had a great time giving these to her. We have a lot of great treats for her and can have fun again and again..Fastest shipping ..Great pckageing.

Princess loves them-more than anything else she tried. She loves both kinds. She was chewing and purring at the same time while eatting them. She was chewing so fast I will blame that on the photos. She finished her treat and started crying for more! Then she curled up on my daughters shoulder for a nap. It is a fun family experience.