Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet Sal

This is a convo from Carol,
(She ordered several Allergen free items.)

""Sal"..."is a male half golden retriever half labrador retriever. Originally bred for Canine Companions For Independence to be a service dog, he was released at 1 year of age due to hip dysplasia. He tested with Delta Society with me and became part of a pet partner pet therapy team, and was certified to work in a therapy environment. He has done the following programs: Lions Club Reading Program, working with reluctant readers to help improve their skills; Thomas Kelly Elementary School working with the special needs, a.d.d and a.d.h.d children, White Rock Elementary School working with the at risk children. He has worked in several skilled nursing facilities with the elderly bringing them joy (and receiving lots of love and the occasional snack). Sal is 6 years old and lives happily with me in Northern California. He is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever know. He can open most locked things (unfortunately) and will do any command for a Ciaohound treat!"


FrumsGlass said...

Congratulations to Sal for accomplishing so much and helping others.

designsbyone said...

hey! i love your blog and have given you an award :) check out my blog for deails