Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday #46

Today is my birthday. I turned 46, (wow, huh?!). As I'm reading through my blog reading list, I'm seeing others have birthdays today, too. So happy birthday to all of you! Also, the lady who does the channel 2 weather in the mornings is having a birthday today, too; so Happy Birthday, Jamie.

Some birthdays are great and memorable, others we just try to muddle through.

I passed a church sign on the way to work today, "Have you made God smile today?" ... that made me smile, but my answer was, "probably not."


Vanessa said...

I know I have said it a few places today ha ha!! Once again from the top.. Happy birthday!!!! Sorry you had to work today :( Hope you have the weekend off :) That is a very good message.. makes people think. Have a great night! ~Vanessa

2 Raven Chicks said...

Happy Birthday! Whoohoo! Hope you have a really special day and get lots of good presents! :D